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Jetta's First Blog for WrestlEurope.com!

Last Update: 7/13/2008 3:17 PM
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7/13/2008 3:17 PM


Well this is my first blog and I’m not too sure what to write about. I guess I will write about my past two weeks and what I’ve been up to!

First of all I went to Blackpool for a weekend away in celebration of my mates 21st. For anyone who dares say Coventry is the Chav capital of England you’ve not seen ‘Chav’ until you’ve walked down the Blackpool promenade on a Friday night at 1am! I went to the pleasure beach for the first time and although I didn’t ride the big dipper as the queue was like a mile long, got to go on a few cool rides and anyone who hasn’t been on the mouse ride NEEDS to go on it, seriously I feared for my life on that but in a good way.

Saturday night we went out to a few bar and clubs in Blackpool and had a great time Sunday morning I was up at 6am to head to the other side of the coast for WAW in Great Yarmouth. After my coach breaking down and making me two hours late for my meet I finally got to Yarmouth for my title match with Sweet Saraya.

It was an eight rounds match whoever with the most falls wins. After wrestling all over the country for the best part of a year it’s always a lot of fun to wrestle her and especially in front of the Yarmouth crowd who absolutely love her and absolutely despise me! This was going to be the match where I finally got my due and lost the title clean. Due to Saraya suffering a really bad knee injury a year before we kind of worked to build over time that she was looking to take out my knee to get me back for all the times I’ve targeted hers and taunted her over it. The match falls went like this, round 2 a fall to me with feet on the ropes. Round three she got me with a tight cradle. From there we both worked the knee until round eight I tapped to a Boston crab. The crowd went crazy for her winning which was really cool as we had put a lot of time into building her taking the title back it felt like a job well done!

That Thursday I flew out to Chicago a day early for Shimmer. Had a lot of fun on the Friday went to the taste of Chicago with some friends we went on a boat ride around lake Michigan which was abit scary at first due to all the rocking but once it got going it was really nice and the weather was perfect for it. As it was the 4th of July we went to a firework display that had one very hairy moment when one of the fireworks seemed to explode into a big ball of flames, which was abit of a worry, but I guess no one died as the display carried on two minutes later. From there we went into a fair ground and went on this wicked ride I forget the name of it but it was A LOT of fun. Then a certain hippie ‘won’ me an inflatable Scooby Doo as a birthday present (AUG 6th people I am 21!) We then went back to the hotel and stayed up all of the night talking and generally being loud (sorry Portia)

Then Saturday it was time for Shimmer and I started the day off by being taken for pancakes by my favourite Americans, which must have helped me as at Shimmer I won the battle royal for a title shot against Mischif. That’s right! I beat the snot out of Kong, Melissa, Del Ray you name them they all felt the back of my hand! I put Ariel on the top rope with such force she fell out of the ring and I won! I lost the title match but that was only due to me not being 100% as I worked so hard in the battle royal and because Mschif is such a cheat and the ref kept counting slow for my pins!

Next it was Me and Rain Vs. Ashley Lame and Neveyah, of course we beat them after destroying Neveyahs arm with our amazing arm work. Rain brings the work rate.

After the show I went to the Weiner circle, which is like a restaurant where the staff are rude to you it was hilarious! but I would like to go back and be abit more rude back I don’t think you can ever be rude enough to people who flip burgers. From there it was back to the hotel to chill out until Becky Bayliss and the rest of the after party crew crashed into my room. So after bouncing between rooms the rest of the night before I knew it, it was 9am and I was off to the airport to head home.

I would like to thank the fans at Shimmer for the Cardboard sign of me its very good! Looks a lot like me but my eyes are BLUE not brown but yeah-good effort. The signs yes the IHWC is the best team ever (we miss you Lacey) just a tip for the next show try and take a little more time with your lettering and your colouring it just looked a little sloppy.

Also thank you for the T-shirt with Rumours on it that creeped me out and yeah whoever made the MNHWC underwear thanks! I always appreciate free stuff so please keep giving!

Also thank you to the people that took me to cool places bought me Gatorade and Hannah Montana sweets.

Up coming I have LDN on the 19th of July and the 26th/ 27th I’m at HEW and WAW looking to get my WAWW title back! Also Aug 3rd (3 days before my 21st please bring gifts/ cards/ money/ cake) is chickfight where I will for the final time kick the crap out of Eden Black and Wesna will finally shut Cheerleader Melissa up!


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