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ICW vs. 2PW: Italian wrestling on the verge of war!

Last Update: 10/5/2011 7:01 PM
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10/5/2011 7:01 PM

-ICW vs. 2PW: Italian wrestling on the verge of war! -
by Stefano D'Alessio

ICW vs. 2PW: Italian wrestling on the verge of war!

On Saturday 17th September, during Italian Championship Wrestling’s (ICW) event “L’ora dei Campioni” in Antella (near Florence), an unexpected brawl occurred between Shock and some 2PW (Pure Pro Wrestling) wrestlers (another Italian promotion based in Tuscany) that were in attendance in the front row.

Here is the video of the fight:

“We were there to see closely the best pro-wrestling promotion in Italy, to learn their style and their way to build up a show. The ICW management seemed to appreciate it. During the event they announced us as their honored guest and allowed us to sit in a very privileged location just in front of the ring” says the 2PW official speaker Tiziano who was in attendance at the event as part of the “purist” crew.

What seemed to be a first important signal of the renewed will of collaboration between Italian promotions was actually the beginning of a war.

Tiziano points out: “Some minutes before the brawl, there have already been moments of great strain. Kobra (ICW former Italian Champion – Editor’s note) is well-known for his “heel-attitude” but during his match he seemed to pick on our group as he constantly bad-mouthed and even spat in our direction.”

During the second match of the night, between two of the most supported wrestlers in ICW – Red Devil and Shock – the wicked deed happened. In an extra-ring phase of the match, Red Devil unintentionally threw Shock toward the area where the 2PW crew was sitting. Things flared immediately and the prompt intervention of the ICW security staff on behalf their wrestlers didn’t help to calm down the situation. Shock punched Nicholas Edward Wave (former 2PW Champion – Editor’s note) right in the face causing the anger of the “purist” crew that was quickly banned from the arena by ICW General Manager Manuel Orlandi.

The day after the event, 2PW decided to put online the footage of the brawl to denounce Shock’s conduct. On the following days 2PW management seemed to hold ICW’s hand as Tiziano declares: “We invited the ICW to one of our upcoming events to take part in a public round-table to clear things up. Unfortunately they replied just with accusation and bad words. In spite of it our offer is still on the table.”

It must be pointed out that ICW didn’t consider the brawl worthy of mention on the official report of the show so ICW management hasn’t yet given a public opinion about the accident aside from some irritated comments on their facebook page.

The next 2PW show is set for October 8th in Oratoio, Tuscany and the ICW has been asked to be there to settle the differences. ICW silence doesn’t help to forecast what will happen on that occasion.

The two promotions know each other very well. ICW is the nr.1 promotion in Italy with 218 events in ten years while 2PW is a project that started in 2006 as a smaller group under the ICW banner (sort of an ICW territory development based around the Tuscany area) with the intention of putting in place an environment where young up-and-coming Italian wrestlers could get experienced in order to be ready for the “big jump” to ICW. At that time, however, ICW wasn’t that interested in the project so 2PW decided to leave ICW to create a brand new promotion.

Now, five years later, 2PW wrestlers seem to be ready to play a big part in the Italian pro-wrestling scene.

Will ICW let them?

Stefano D'Alessio
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