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Preview: wXw presents "Fight Club 2011" & "CZW Back in Germany"

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10/1/2011 12:28 AM

- Preview: Westside Xtreme Wrestling presents "Fight Club 2011" and "CZW Back in Germany" -
By David Schmida ( )

September has been a busy month for Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) so far. After returning to the city of Mannheim, Gemany, the organisation was part of “Project Mayhem” this past weekend in Wolverhampton, England. As if that wasn’t enough for the promotion, which will celebrate it’s 11th anniversary this year, they have another big weekend coming up this Friday and Saturday.

With that said, let the upcoming cards speak for themselves:

wXw “Fight Club 2011″

Friday, September 30th

Steffy, Oberhausen, Germany

- Main Event: “The Generic Luchador” El Generico (Tijuana, MEX) vs. “The New Horror” Sami Callihan (Last House on the Left, Ohio, USA)
- Dick Togo (Akita, JAP) vs. Marty Scurll (Cambridge, UK)
- wXw vs. Big Japan Tag Team Match: Big van Walter (Wien, A) & Anthony Zeus (Amsterdam, NL) vs. Yoshihito Sasaki (Saitama, JAP) & Yuko Miyamoto (Hiroshima, JAP)
- Axeman (Dresden, GER) vs. Chuck Taylor (Murray, KY, USA)
- Kim Ray (Dortmund, GER) vs. MASADA (Waco, TX, USA)
- Aaron Insane (Nauheim, GER) vs. Emil Sitoci (Ede, NL)
- wXw World Tag Team Championship: The Wanderers [Jason Hendrix (Mülheim, GER) & Jay Skillet (Solingen, GER)] (C) vs. Adam Cole (Panama City, FL, USA) & Drew Gulak (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
- Freddy Stahl Five Match Trial Series – Match 5: Freddy Stahl (Bückeburg, GER) vs. “The Bad Boy of British Wrestling” Jon Ryan (Kent, UK)
- REVENGE! Bad Bones (Bitburg, GER) vs. “National Television Star” Karsten Beck (Wesel, GER)

wXw “presents: CZW Back in Germany”

Saturday, October 1st

Steffy, Oberhausen, Germany

- wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: wXw Champion vs. 16 Carat Gold Winner: Big van Walter (Wien, A) [C] vs. “The New Horror” Sami Callihan (Last House on the Left, OH, USA)
- CZW World Heavyweight Championship – Drunken Scaffold Match: Danny Havoc (Cylinder, IO, USA) vs. Devon Moore (Philadelphia, PA, USA) (C)
- Streetfight: DJ Hyde (Delaware, USA) vs. MASADA (Waco, TX, USA)
- CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Adam Cole (Panama City, FL, USA) (C) vs. Chuck Taylor (Kentucky, USA)
- Rematch: Drew Gulak (Philadelphia, PA, USA) vs. “The Bad Boy of British Wrestling” Jon Ryan (Kent, UK)
- Big Japan vs. wXw – Six Men Tag Team Match: Ryuji Ito (Iwate, JAP) & Yoshihito Sasaki (Saitama, JAP) & Yuko Miyamoto (Hiroshima, JAP) vs. Axeman (Dresden, GER) & Freddy Stahl (Bückeburg, GER) & Kim Ray (Dortmund, GER)

+ Dick Togo (Akita, JAP) in action!

More information:

David Schmida (
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