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Kombat Komedian: Good Comedian, Better Wrestler

Last Update: 8/8/2011 9:32 AM
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8/8/2011 9:32 AM

-Kombat Komedian: Good Comedian, Better Wrestler-
by Stefano D'Alessio

Kombat Komedian: Good Comedian, Better Wrestler!

Daniele Raco is a popular Italian stand-up comedian nearing forty who decided to test himself training for months to become a pro-wrestler.

The road to the debut has been filmed for a special documentary, showing his real life and his training as Kombat Komedian (his alter-ego in the ring) at the ICW (Italian Championship Wrestling) Academy of Genoa.
Many special guests joined the documentary helping Raco to fulfill his dream, just like Luca Franchini and Michele Posa (commentators for WWE broadcasts in Italy), Dario Ballantini and other colleagues of Zelig and Colorado Cafè (two very popular TV comedy shows in Italy), Omar Pedrini (Italian singer) and obviously all the ICW’s wrestlers and trainers, including the international stars ‘Vigilante’ Johnny Moss and ‘Bad Bones’ John Kay.

Training has been very hard as shown in these little clips:
Clip 1 – Stage with ICW trainer Charlie Kid,
Clip 2 – Stage with ICW trainer Mr. Excellent,
Clip 3 – Stage with ICW trainer Psycho Mike,

Raco also started a blog on the Italian site FullWrestling.Com to keep his fans updated on the “making of”. Here is a very poetical statement from Daniele Raco after one month of training: “Oh my God, it’s beautiful! Every wrestling fan should try at least once, breathing the rarefied air of the gym after two hours of physical exercise and smelling the effort, the courage and the fear”.
This is another very significant quote explaining very well all the enthusiasm he put into this project: “We have reached the third month of training, everything is going great, I’m starting to slim down (4,5 kilos down) and the lactic acid is just a bad memory. I’m ready, I’m like a sponge set to absorb anything I need to know to debut in the ring worthily.”

Daniele Raco made his first official appearance on an ICW show at “Academy Xmas” in San Martino Siccomario last December. On that event Raco explained the project to the fans and lie the foundations for his feud with ICW’s former Heavyweight Champion Lothar ( ).

Approximately ten months after his first training at the ICW Academy, Kombat Komedian finally made his official (active) debut at “ICW Lotta della Lanterna” in Genoa on June 18th.

In a special Battle Royal, he marked the upset of the night eliminating his bitter enemy Lothar to win the match.

Here is some footage of the match:

Stefano D'Alessio
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