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DPW Report from "Grand Slam" w/ K.Nash & Rhyno

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6/1/2011 8:10 PM

-Dutch Pro Wrestling Report from "Grand Slam", with K.Nash & Rhyno-
By Sjoerd Zegers ( Courtesy of )

Dutch wrestling saw its biggest show to date last Sunday, 29th of May, when Dutch Pro Wrestling (DPW) held Grand Slam in Poeldijk near The Hague. Approximately 700 fans (official number) came to the show to see the first appearances of Kevin Nash and Rhyno in the Netherlands. This show beat the former attendance-record of 550 fans held by FCW since 2004.

DPW had a whole day of entertainment prepared for the fans. The festivities started with a Q&A session with Kevin Nash, where a select group of fans had the chance to ask the former nWo member questions they always had wanted to ask. Nash was very honest and open in answering all the questions and admitted that he loved being in the Netherlands. Next a Meet and Greet was held where all the European talent and special guest Rhyno were present to talk to the fans and sign autographs.

The show itself started with a hot opener, which was billed as a Dutch dream match. DPW’s own Santos faced Emil Sitoci. These two had never met before, thanks to previous rivalries between organisations in Dutch wrestling. This match immediately got the crowd into the show, as quick in-ring action was a great way to introduce Dutch wrestling to the many new fans in the building. Santos got the victory in the end to a great reaction from the crowd.

Another highlight was the DPW Dutch Heavyweight Championship match between champion ‘the King of Bling’ Max Damon and challenger Pac. Damon tried to ground the challenger as much as possible, but Pac managed to show a lot of his trademark highflying-moves to a stunned crowd. Damon had to resort to cheating to eventually win the match and retain his title.

Rhyno faced one of DPW’s biggest talents in Kenzo Richards. After just a couple of minutes of wrestling the match ended in a DQ win for Rhyno, when Richards used a chair on his opponent. Rhyno told the crowd that he didn’t travel all the way to Holland to win by DQ. He wanted the match to continue, and to really be able to punish his opponent, he demanded an extreme rules match. All parties agreed, and the resulting match was a hard hitting brawl all over the arena. While the audience chanted ‘ECW ECW’, Rhyno and Richards used every possible object they could find to hit each other with. Both men showed endurance in the 20 minutes long extreme match. In the end Rhyno managed to hit his trademark Gore through a table, which finished of Richards.

In the main event Kevin Nash faced DPW’s most hated wrestler Mark Kodiac. Nash got a tremendous ovation from the crowd. He noted before the match that he liked hunting, and always wanted to hunt for bears. Today he got his wish. Kodiac proved however that Nash should be careful what he wishes for, because Kodiac managed to get the upper hand during much of the match by using his hard hitting offence. A visibly hurt Nash was looking for a way to break the offence of Kodiak, and got his chance when Kodiac became too confident. A quick choke slam ended the match in favour of the legendary wrestler.

The complete results of the show are as follows:
• Santos defeated Emil Sitoci
• Johnny Moss defeated The Trouble Maker
Dutch Heavyweight Championship: Max Damon (Champion) defeated Pac
• Rhyno defeated Kenzo Richards
• Tengkwa defeated Joey Fields
• Kevin Nash defeated Mark Kodiak

Courtesy of
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