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RWA "King of Faida" Review

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5/23/2011 7:26 PM

-RWA "King of Faida" Live Report-
by Stefano D'Alessio


RWA (Rome Wrestling Academy) is the first and only wrestling promotion in Rome, Italy, founded by Pierpaolo Pollina (aka The Italian Gladiator), a 26 year-old Italian wrestler who was trained in the United States at the TWA (Texas Wrestling Academy) and Harley Race’s World League Wrestling.
On Sunday May 15th, RWA, in collaboration with the Italian web-tv, held a special one night tournament (“King of Faida”) at the famous live music club “Stazione Birra” in Ciampino, Rome. Special guests of the night were Italian rapper Primo (of Corveleno crew), Davide Di Porto from and Italian rocker Pino Scotto.

The show kicked off with the exhibition of three beautiful dancers and the welcome speech from Pollina and Mr. Nocerino, an Italian-American who financed the show (he put a 5000 euro special prize for the winner of the tournament).
Live action started with the two qualifying matches for the tournament:

- King of Faida Tournament Qualyfing Match: 'The King' Danza d. Black Ice
Black Ice (face) is a Colombian masked wrestler while “The King” Danza (heel) is an Italian-American acting as a mix between JBL and Disco Inferno. Danza has a good physique, natural charisma and cocky attitude. He won this very short match after a piledriver.

- King of Faida Tournament Qualyfing Match: Da Dirty Diamond d. Ruud Van Borden
Da Dirty Diamond (D3) is a Jack Evans look-a-like and a good highflyer. But he’s still too green when it comes to the execution of the moves. The hip hop gimmick helped a lot with the crowd as the entire arena was behind D3. Ruud Van Borden, a giant masked wrestler, apparently celebrated his debut match in RWA but rumor has it that the man behind the mask was none other than The Italian Gladiator himself. This was another really short match as D3 reached a quick and upset victory after a Top Rope Splash.

- Intermission –

- King of Faida Tournament Quarter Final Match: Karim Brigante d. Mr. Mastodont
Karim Brigante has a good look for the Italian standard and a natural cheeky face while Mastodont is a sort of Italian Big Boss Man very over with the fans. Karim won after a spear in the second upset of the night.

- King of Faida Tournament Quarter Final Match: Vito Rea d. Terry Idol
Vito Rea offers an amazing physique (think of UK’s Sam Slam) and is a former Pancrazio athlete with a bright future in wrestling (though he has to improve the in-ring confidence and the entertainment aspect). Terry Idol is one half of the most dominant tag teams in RWA (The American Idols, with “The King” Danza) but hasn’t impressed me too much. Rea won with a Leg Lock.

- King of Faida Tournament Quarter Final Match: Axel Fury d. Col. Jackson Quake
Axel Fury is the most experienced wrestler in RWA as he was trained in the USA by Killer Kowalski and wrestled on a CZW show in Italy in 2003. His edge in experience was easy to notice especially regarding his work with the crowd. The match was short (as the majority of the matches that night) and Col. Jackson Quake couldn’t display his quality because Fury pinned him after a vicious pedigree.

- King of Faida Tournament Quarter Final Match: Da Dirty Diamond d. 'The King' Danza
This match was very heated because Primo of Corveleno (as all the fans in the arena) was there for supporting D3 while Davide di Porto was on the Italian-American’s corner. Crowd just went crazy when D3 hit the opponent with a Top Rope Splash to the outside winning the match via Count Out.

- Intermission –

- King of Faida Tournament SemiFinal Tag Team Match (the winners will battle each others in the final): Da Dirty Diamond & Axel Fury d. Karim Brigante & Vito Rea
Show started late and time was running fast so RWA decided to turn the semifinal rounds in a tag team match with the winners facing each other in the finals. This match unfortunately suffered from the non-sense final spot: Karim Brigante hit his teammate Vito Rea with a spear out of nowhere leaving an easy victory and the access to the finals to his opponents.

- King of Faida Tournament Final & RWA Title Match: Axel Fury d. Da Dirty Diamond to win the tournament and the RWA Title!
The final match started immediately after the previous bout and Axel Fury took advantage of being fresher than his opponent (three matches for D3 that night and a lot of energy spent in the semifinal round). Despite the support of Primo and the fans, D3 wasn’t able to do anything against a more experienced and heavier opponent. Fury eventually won the match with his tested pedigree.
Pier Paolo Pollina, Mr. Nocerino and Pino Scotto entered the ring to congratulate the “King of Faida” and new RWA Champion Axel Fury but Mr. Mastodont took the microphone demanding a title shot for … tonight! Pollina asked for the fans’ opinion and then ratified the match.

- RWA Title Lumberjack Match: Mr. Mastodont d. Axel Fury (c) to win the title!
Mastodont, with the entire arena behind him, hit hard the tired opponent and won the match and the title after a tremendous Samoan Drop for the joy of all the fans.

Overall Impression:
This was my fourth live experience of a “made in Italy” wrestling show but my first RWA show. I know the Italian wrestling’s status well and therefore wasn’t expecting a 5-star quality show but simply an enjoyable night of sport and entertainment. That’s what the King of Faida really has been. Regarding the entertainment aspect, the show definitely satisfied all the fans (250+ in my personal rough estimate, for the most part over 16 years old, lots of girls in the house) with a valuable contribution by the special guests (except Davide Di Porto). The production of the show was very well executed for the Italian and European standard. The in-ring action was mainly consisted of the classic “kick-punch” American style so there’s nothing to report about the quality of the matches.
Axel Fury and “The King” Danza are definitely above average especially regarding their work with the crowd but the “one to watch” is absolutely Vito Rea. Also D3, Mr. Mastodont and Karim Brigante have the potential for a bright future. I think this show has been a successful experiment and can be easily repeated in the near future.

Photo gallery from the show should be out within the next few days!

Stefano D’Alessio
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