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UEWA "European Cruiserweight Championship Tournament" Preview

Last Update: 5/21/2011 1:23 AM
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5/21/2011 1:23 AM

-UEWA "European Cruiserweight Championship Tournament" Preview-
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Norwegian Wrestling Federation stages UEWA European Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

Eight wrestlers have qualified for the UEWA (Union of European Wrestling Alliances) European Cruiserweight Championship tournament in Oslo, Norway on May 21st The event will be staged by the Norwegian Wrestling Federation (NWF). While most of the participants are well known names in their home country, only few of them have wrestled outside the borders of their home soil and are already known all over Europe.

The object of desire:

#1: “The Italian Pirate” Doblone (from “The Caribbean”, 1.75 m, 72 kg, representing Italian Championship Wrestling)

Doblone is Italy’s top cruiserweight wrestler. At 1.75 m and 72 kgs, the self-proclaimed “Italian Pirate” is a two-time Italian Lightweight Champion and a major fan favourite in his home country. This will be the second time, this young wrestler will sail to another country to compete. With three and a half years of experience, the Italian pirate is a force to be reckoned with, as he can use his Jolly Roger DDT out of every situation to finish off his opponents. As any good pirate, Doblone loves to have a jolly good time – and to collect gold. Just this past weekend, Doblone won Italy’s annual “Il Numero Uno” tournament against seven of Italy’s finest wrestlers. As six of the seven previous winners have become ICW Champions after winning the tournament, Doblone may just be on the right path to loot even more gold. And the European Cruiserweight Championship Tournament shall be no different. When he was asked for his thoughts on the tournament, Doblone had the following to say:

#2: Kid Fite (from Glasgow, Scotland, 1.80 m, 86 kg, representing Premier British Wrestling)

Kid Fite is considered one of the top guys in the tournament for the European Cruiserweight Championship by many. At only 26 years of age, Kid Fite has already ten years of experience and is head-trainer of his own wrestling school alongside Colin McKay. Without any doubt, Kid Fite is the most experienced wrestler in the tournament having wrestled in seven European countries and the USA before against famous opponents like multi-time TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money Inc., WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre, the legendary Marty Jannetty, Kevin Thorn, Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Bison Smith and many more. Europe-wide known as one of the finest tag team wrestlers with tag team title wins in Scotland, England, Germany and Denmark with his partner Liam Thomson, Kid Fite recently started to gain singles success in his home country as well and now wants to get his big break. At 1.80 m and 86 kgs, he vowed to do anything to become the first European Cruiserweight Champion. Only few fans like the ruthless and selfish Scot and he doesn’t want to be liked by no-one – something he already proved when he simply announced himself as PBW’s choice for the tournament, not even giving other wrestlers the chance to qualify. Kid Fite has his sight set straight on the gold and certainly doesn’t want to go home without the belt.

#3: Liam Thomson (from Edinburgh, Scotland, 1.70 m, 82 kg, representing Danish Pro Wrestling)

When Sonne, who qualified to be Danish Pro Wrestling’s wrestler in the tournament, had to withdraw, DPW office decided to send “Bad Boy” Liam Thomson to Oslo. Thomson carries the name “Bad Boy” with passion and he has a reason to do so. He is one of Europe’s finest pound-for-pound wrestlers and – much like his regular tag team partner Kid Fite – is willing to do whatever promises success. At only 1.70 m, Liam is not the biggest wrestler in the world, but with his 82 kg frame he can move quickly and counter every move in the book. Being a tag team specialist and a title holder in Scotland, England, Germany and Denmark, Thomson, much like his partner Kid Fite, he is one of the more experienced wrestlers in the tournament with matches against TNA tag team Beer Money Inc., “The Man Gravity Forgot” Pac who is a big star in Japan nowadays and TNA’s Douglas Williams and has already wrestled in five different countries. Thomson sees the European Cruiserweight tournament as a perfect way to establish himself as one of Europe’s best singles wrestlers.

#4: Zackariel (from Telemark, Norway, 1.76 m, 90 kg, representing Norwegian Wrestling Federation)

Zackariel, previously known as Zack Arild, is easily the most popular wrestler in the tournament. Being the hometown hero, Zackariel just left his dancing days behind and started to focus more on actual wrestling. But he has not forgotten about the fans who have supported him ever since his first match in 2007 and it’s also those fans who will try to help him through the tournament to win the gold. Zackariel, who was able to defeat the much more experienced Daniel Sebastian and T-Jay in a qualification tournament to become Norway’s representative, also serves as a symbol for the tournament: A terrific wrestler who is very well known in his home country but barely known outside of Norway. At 90 kgs, Zackariel is one of the most powerful wrestlers in the tournament and with the support of the fans and his fellow Norwegian wrestlers he is someone who can surprise the more experienced wrestlers.

#5: Wild Boar (from Blaina, Wales, 1.68 m, 82 kg, representing Welsh Wrestling)

Wild Boar is another wrestler who brings a lot of talent to the mat but has yet to get his break outside of Wales. Wild Boar is the smallest wrestler in the competition, but a very powerful one with an attitude. He qualified in a three way match after destroying his long-time rival “Lightning Kid” Mark Andrews as well as upcoming rookie Flash Morgan. At only 1.68 m but with an impressive 82 kg and only little more than two years in the wrestling business, Wild Boar was unknown to most of the wrestlers in the tournament, but after watching some footage of his matches in preparation for the tournament, everyone takes this young lad very seriously. After talking to Wild Boar about his chances in the tournament he said he wasn’t quite sure as most other wrestlers have much more experience, but there is one thing he is sure of: He will try everything in the book to become the first European Cruiserweight Champion. And if he doesn’t succeed he will at least leave a mark on European wrestling and make sure, everybody knows his name once the tournament is history.

#6: Pierre (from Elmshorn, Germany, 1.86 m, 91 kg, representing Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland)

Pierre has been wrestling for five years now and has had some major success lately when focusing on tag team wrestling including a long title run in Denmark with his good friend Michael Knight. After Knight has been out with an injury for a while, Pierre decided to turn his focus on singles competition. And he did very well as he proved in his qualification match, where he beat three other wrestler’s including Scotland’s Kid Fite to go to Oslo. Standing 1.86 m and weighing 91 kgs, Pierre has a clear size advantage over most of his opponents and he lets everyone know he wants to use it to go for gold.

The French-born Pierre is a very smart wrestler who can read his opponent’s moves before they actually happen which makes him one of the most intelligent and at the same time dangerous wrestlers in the tournament. But then again, he knows very well about his smartness and being supreme so sometimes his ego can become dangerous for himself.

#7: B. Cool (from Kildare, Ireland, 1.78 m, 77 kg, representing Fight Factory Pro Wrestling)

B. Cool’s participation in the tournament is probably the biggest surprise. With less than twenty matches under his belt, the 18-year-old’s win in the 16-man-invitiational-tournament was the biggest shock of the year so far in his home country of Ireland, beating the way more experienced Jordan Devlin in the finals. And he is always able to deliver another big surprise as he already shocked fellow tournament competitor Sean South, defeating him in only his third match at age 16. Due to his inexperience on the international wrestling scene, some wrestlers have expressed their worries about what B. Cool is going to bring in the ring, but considering that he is in the wrestling business for only about two years, he knows very well that he has nothing to lose but a lot to win. Therfore the pressure is on his opponents. Being led to the ring by his regular tag team partner D. Max, who also played an important part in B. Cool qualifying for the tournament when he helped his partner to beat Jordan Devlin, he is totally unpredictable and wants to use the tournament to come up with another shock.

#8: Sean South (from Dublin, Ireland, 1.85 m, 93 kg, representing Super Wrestling Alliance)

Just this week, Sean South wrote another chapter of his personal history with the UEWA. From the beginning on, Sean South was the first wrestler to show a major interest in the UEWA. Without him having a home promotion, CWN of Germany granted him a spot in a qualification match for Oslo. Only a week before the show, he got injured while wrestling in France and was not able to stick to his regular training routine and had to miss the opportunity because he was over the weight limit. Only one week later, he got a chance to wrestle for a shot at the UEWA European Heavyweight Title – and lost to the German Psycho Bad Bones. Being frustrated about the latest events, South took destiny in his own hands and challenged La Pulga (, who had previously qualified to wrestle for Spain. Three’s the charm and South came out victorious, becoming Spain’s representative. Will there be more obstacles in South’s way or will he finally get his chance to go all the way to become champion?

With the experience of six years in wrestling, having been trained by NJPW star Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey and having wrestled for Japanese promotion Dragon Gate, Sean South is surely a top bet when it comes to winning the tournament. Holding wins over US Independent star El Generico, British powerhouse Johnny Moss and Pac and having wrestled none other than former WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre and former WWE World Champion Sheamus and being a regular for Scottish Premier British Wrestling, Sean South now aims for the biggest success in his career: Becoming European Cruiserweight Champion! Here’s what Sean South had to say:

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