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STARBUCK BLOG: SMASH.15 one year anniversary

Last Update: 4/1/2011 11:02 AM
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4/1/2011 11:02 AM

-STARBUCK BLOG: SMASH.15 one year anniversary-
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It’s been one heck of a great ride for me over this past year, working with Japan’s fastest rising promotion SMASH, since the spring of 2010. We were able to establish FCF Wrestling as a prosperous unit in the SMASH arena, and many of my students from Finland have been able to make an impact in Japan, as have their top names equally made an impact in Finland. Now, one year into the making of a new promotional powerhouse in Japan, I can look back on my contributions to their business and smile with contentment, knowing that indeed we have made professional wrestling history.

SMASH gave me the platform to wrestle in Japan, a career goal that I have had since I broke into the business in Canada back in 1992. SMASH also gave me the ball and used me to the best of my abilities as a main event talent in their market, and I think I can speak for both sides when I say that we have both enjoyed considerable success during the promotion’s ascension to prominence.

I am ever grateful to both Mr. Sakai, the president of SMASH and to creative director Yoshihiro Tajiri, both of whom have made possible my success in their country. As many people know, Japan is held to be one of the few promised lands of pro wrestling worldwide, and to “make it” there means to make it for real.

On March 31 at SMASH.15, the promotion’s first anniversary show, I hope to make the company and fans of Japan proud for inviting me to be part of their historical moment at Korakuen Hall.

And all I can say to my opponent Yoshiaki Yago is prepare to be piledriven, like every opponent before you has been spiked head-first into the mat, signaling another victory for the lord and master of FCF – StarBuck


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