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Pro-Wrestling:Eve presents: Jenny Sjodin!

Last Update: 8/26/2010 3:28 PM
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8/26/2010 3:28 PM

-Spotlight On "The Female Fight Machine" Jenny Sjodin-
Courtesy of Pro-Wrestling: Eve (

More serious than Steven Seagal and more legit than Frank Dux - Jenny Sjodin is the real deal in Pro-Wrestling:EVE.

The first Professional to walk through the curtains of Pro-Wrestling:EVE. Hailing from Sundsvall in Sweden, "The Female Fight Machine" began training in professional wrestling in April 2007 in addition to training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ground-Grappling, Amateur Wrestling among numerous other martial arts.

"So she's all about the kicking heads, yeah?" Well actually no. While Jenny does indeed enjoy kicking people in the face (she has been known to strike at random as if she appears from out of thin air) and seems to just simply enjoy inflicting pain in a manor that some people find inhumane (in fact one rumour claims that Jenny was not conceived and is NOT human but actually escaped from under The Trap Door)) Jenny is also an editorial writer, studied political sciences at university, is a political columnist for a newspaper in Sweden and was a member of the Sundsvall City Council in her native Sweden as a part of The Liberal Party (where she would, ya know, kick people in the face liberally). Yup. Jenny can kick your arse and beat you in a game of sudoku!

Earlier this year Jenny competed at Ground Control - the UK's Premier No Gi Grappling Tournament and in her first attempt won the Gold Medal! Footage of Jenny winning the final can be seen HERE. (Jenny is wearing the long shorts, smiling after destroying the hopes and dreams of her opponent who had apparently promised to donate all her money should she win to the Prevention of Cruelty to Kittens & Puppies charity).

Just a few weeks later Jenny flew to Morristown, New Jersey to compete in the 2010 U.S. National Championships of Submission Grappling from the UFC recognised and endorsed group Grappler's Quest who were fresh off staging a major event in partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Once again this was another first attempt and also Jenny's first time competing in the Advanced Division. Despite being the least experienced person involved Jenny left Morristown New Jersey with a Silver Medal around her neck (for the record Jenny has not been connected to the reports of the Gold Medal winner returning home only to be ninja kicked in the face - although Jenny's whereabouts is in question).

You can see footage of Jenny winning her semi-final contest at the Grappler's Quest 2010 U.S. National Championships by clicking this link!

All jokes aside we said at the very beginning of this that Jenny Sjodin was 'The Real Deal' and we know that after watching those videos you'll agree. There is perhaps no more naturally talented fighting female in all of EVE and perhaps even the world than "The Female Fight Machine". While we don't yet know what match Jenny will be competing in when Pro-Wrestling:EVE returns to The Delphi Club on Saturday October 16 2010 for the next set of DVD recordings it is a safe bet that Jenny will leave a lasting impression on both the fans in attendance and on her opponent.

Tickets for Pro-Wrestling:EVE at The Delphi Club on Saturday October 16 are available NOW from
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