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Uk, IPW:UK REVOLUTION Updates: NWE & Nash out...but the show is still on!

Last Update: 4/10/2012 11:04 AM
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4/10/2012 11:01 AM

IPW:UK (International Pro Wrestling : United Kingdom) promoter Andy Quildan released an official statement about the IPW:UK/NWE REVOLUTION event set for April 28th in London.

The breaking news is that Nu Wrestling Evolution decided to withdraw from the show following the cancellation of their two events in The Canary Islands last weekend. As a result, "REVOLUTION" will still emanate from the Troxy but it will now be solely an IPW:UK product. Former WWE stars Carlito & Chris Masters, along with ‘The Callihan Death Machine’ Sami Callihan will still be in action while the advertised headliner Kevin Nash will no longer be appearing in London on the 28th due to financial reasons.


Here is the official statement from IPW:UK:

It is with deep regret that we today have to announce that Nu Wrestling Evolution (NWE) have decided to withdraw from the April 28th show at the London, Troxy effective immediately. NWE management made the decision to completely cancel the event following the cancellation of their two shows in The Canary Islands last weekend leaving IPW:UK management with a serious dilemma... Over the years there has been a number of high profile instances where British wrestling fans have been let down and we are determined to not let this be another. We entered in to this relationship with NWE with every faith in their intentions and genuinely believed that with their big show experience and willingness to commit funds that this event would enable us to deliver a show previously unattainable with our limited budget. Stuck between a rock and a hard place after being hit with this news we have decided that despite great financial risk and with limited time we will run a show on Saturday April 28th. The show will still emanate from the Troxy and it will now be solely an IPW:UK product, where we will literally be giving everything we have to ensure that the event delivers & exceeds expectations. IPW:UK promoter and matchmaker Andy Quildan said of the situation: ‘When I received the phone call I felt I had no option but fulfil our obligation to the general public and not allow a further dark shadow to be cast over British Wrestling. We fully understand and have to be realistic of the risks we are taking in running this show without the large financial support and infrastructure we had from NWE and are committing all our resources to try ensure that Saturday April 28th 2012 is a date that will be remembered for all the right reasons.’ We have been working solidly around the clock in negotiations with all of the previously NWE contracted talent in an effort to try keep together as much of the advertised card as possible. As a result we can already confirm that former WWE stars Carlito & Chris Masters will still be in action and ‘The Callihan Death Machine’ Sami Callihan will still be crossing the pond to try and take the British Cruiserweight Championship back to America. Unfortunately though this also means that advertised headliner Kevin Nash will no longer be appearing in London on the 28th. We must stress that this isn’t Kevin cancelling his booking. We are unfortunately in a position where we are unable to honour the terms of his agreement with NWE and as a result Kevin Nash will not be in attendance. Mr Nash has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with and has honoured all sides of his agreement and we would jump at the chance to work with him again should the opportunity arise in the future. For any fans who purchased tickets to the show specifically to see Kevin Nash we will honour any refunds. For anyone who would like a refund then please e-mail and we can assure you it will be dealt with swiftly. The Troxy is a marvellous venue and we have no doubt in the fact that we will produce wrestling action fitting of it. We hope you will join us on Saturday April 28th in the nation’s capital as hopefully not for the last time, but certainly not for the first time we will deliver a night of PRO WRESTLING AT ITS BEST!

credits: Andy Quildan (IPW:UK Promoter)

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