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Made in Italy #1: News & Rumours from the Italian wrestling scene

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11/20/2011 1:14 AM

-Made in Italy-
by Stefano D'Alessio

Made in Italy #1 – News and rumours from the Italian wrestling scene!

ICW vs. 2PW – On November 6th, ICW (Italian Championship Wrestling) and 2PW (Pure Pro Wrestling) co-promoted the event “Il Giorno del Giudizio”, the final chapter of the bitter feud which started last September in Antella at ICW’s “L’ora dei Campioni” (the ICW wrestlers Red Devil and Shock were involved in a brawl with a 2PW contingent who was in attendance) and carried on at 2PW “Live for Burkina Faso” last month (when ICW GM Manuel Orlandi officially announced the acquisition of the rival promotion as a result of a legal action).

This show has been the last one promoted under the 2PW banner as Pure Pro Wrestling officially ceased to exist that night, starting a new era under the ICW umbrella.

Here are the results of the event:

- Kobra (ICW) d. Tempesta (2PW)
- Team 2PW (Ivan Stojanov, Ronin, Killer Mask) d. Team ICW (Doblone, Crazy G, Dinamite Jo)
- 2PW Middleweight Title Match: Mr Excellent (ICW) d. Alex Flash (2PW) (c) to win the title!
- 2PW Heavyweight Title Match: Rafael (2PW) d. Nicholas Edward Wave (ICW) (c) via Dq.
- ICW Italian Title Match: Red Devil (ICW) (c) d. Kaio (ICW)

As you can see above, both 2PW belts are currently around the waist of ICW wrestlers (Mr. Excellent as 2PW Middleweight Champion and the traitor Nicholas Edward Wave as the 2PW Heavyweight Champion). ICW GM Manuel Orlandi has already stated the titles will be renamed.

ICW 10th ANNIVERSARY SHOW – Last Sunday, in Pavia, Italian Championship Wrestling celebrated its ten year anniversary along with two huge international guests: the Japanese legend Dick Togo and the current UEWA Cruiserweight Champion Sean South.

At “Pandemonium X”, the UEWA Championship was on the line in a special 6-Way Match also involving five of the best cruiserweight wrestlers in Italy: Psycho Mike (current ICW Lightweight Champion), Corvo Bianco and Dinamite Jo (both former ICW Lightweight Title holders) and the team of “Epici Eroi” (Nemesi and Omega). At the end of a very exciting fight, the champ eventually retained his title pinning Nemesi.

Pavia has been also the apex of two bitter rivalries grown in and out the ICW ring: ICW Interregional Champion Shock lost the belt against his former tag team partner OGM in a No Limits Match (basically an Anything Goes, No Disqualification Match) when the special referee Paolo Mariani (Eurosport TV personality) turned heel revealing himself as OGM’s mysterious manager. The other grudge match that took place last Sunday was the bout between former Loggia P3 members Kaio and Kobra. The latter defeated “L’Imperatore” thanks to the help of the other P3 members.

The induction into the ICW Hall of Fame was the special prize waiting for the winner of the match involving Mr. Excellent and Manuel Majoli. And as a result of the contest, Majoli is the third ICW wrestler to be inducted in the Hall of Fame while Excellent lost that chance for…ever!

The main event of the night was the international fight between ICW Italian Champion Red Devil and the former WWE, ECW, NJPW, ROH star Dick Togo. The Italian “High Flying Sensation” reached the most important victory in his entire career defeating the Japanese legend after a very good match.

Also on the show, the Ladies Championship and the Tag Team Titles were on the line in a 2 vs. 3 Tag Team Mixed Match between ICW Ladies Champion Queen Maya & I Nemici Pubblici (Lothar & Alessandro Corleone) and the ICW Tag Team Champions I Ricercati (Charlie Kid & Doblone). Lisa Schianto was also scheduled to take part in the match but she couldn’t compete due to an earlier backstage assault from the opponents. Despite of it, I Ricercati won the match and as a result of the stipulation Queen Maya lost the Ladies belt.

RWA GOES MAINSTREAM! – Over the past few weeks, Rome Wrestling Academy has taken a significant up-turn.

The web-series “King of Faida” went out with a bang showing a Lumberjack Match between King of Faida Tournament Winner & RWA Champion Axel Fury and the challenger Mr. Mastodont.

Also, RWA started a very interesting collaboration with Italian Public TV Broadcaster RAI. Last week a RWA contingent took part in a segment during TV program “I Fatti Vostri” explaining what pro-wrestling is to a vast audience. That’s not all as few days before RWA taped an event that is going to be shown on the RAI International Channel.

Here are the results of the TV show:

- Jail d. Willy G
- Col. Jackson Quake & Karim Brigante d. Mr. Mastodont & Davide Fioretti
- RWA Title Match: “The King” Danza (c) d. “D3″ Da Dirty Diamond
- 8 Men #1 Contender Battle Royal: Winner: Mr. Mastodont

EUROWRES INVADING THE ETERNAL CITY! RWA founder Pier Paolo Pollina also launched a side project, called European Pro Wrestling, starting its activity next month in Rome. From December 11th to December 13th, Stazione Birra (the place where the first King of Faida event took place) will host three days of European wrestling, featuring a top Italian squad from RWA alongside six of the best wrestlers in Europe, like Germany’s Bad Bones, Absolute Andy, Alpha Female, Portugal’s own Shanna and UK’s Greg Burridge and Wakefield. Other wrestlers involved will be: Giuseppe “The King” Danza, Vito Rea, The Italian Gladiator, “D3” Da Dirty Diamond, Axel Fury, Karim Brigante, Terry “Idol” Santoro, Red Scorpion, Mr. Mastodont, Monica, Boris “The Bouncer” and Nick “The Protector” Terranova.

All three shows will be recorded in order to be featured in a 12-episode TV series. The trailer of the short film taped at RWA Academy last Summer will be broadcasted on those events.

Pollina, the mind behind the project, talked about EPW to Italian site stating: “We want to create great pro-wrestling events enjoyable for a live audience, with the aim to release our product worldwide after a huge post-production work in order to bring out each wrestler as never seen before in European wrestling”.

NWE “WRESTLING GALA’ 3” IN TURIN - The return of Nu Wrestling Evolution (NWE) in Italy, set for February 18th in Turin, is going to be another great day for European wrestling fans as the roster selected for that event will be 100% made in Europe, without any former WWE stars.

The names already confirmed for the show are: Leroy Kincaide, Marty Scurll, Lion Kid, Lisa Fury, Tiny Iron, T-Bone, Jody Fleisch and Aurora Flame.

In an interview for Italian site SoloWrestling, NWE GM Roberto Indiano explains his plans for this historical show: “I want a different show, without a big superstar, where the focus will be on the entire event. I want a show for diehard fans, with the best European wrestlers alongside some of the finest ones in Italy. I want European fans talk about the events promoted in Italy, not vice versa. It will be something special!”

Stefano D'Alessio
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